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What is the Learning Center?

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The ARRL Learning Center (LC) proudly boasts an ever-growing variety of online courses, videos and downloads. Using the same ARRL log in credentials made for our website, the LC has something for everyone!

Oh no... Log in loop problems? Can’t move forward in a course? Don't know what the LC has to offer? Get help regarding your FAQs below!

Learning Center FAQs

  • “I’m stuck in a loop to sign in/register!”

    LOG IN Instructions - The Learning Center (LC) platform is hosted apart from our main website.

    Third Party Cookies: To access the ARRL Learning Center, third-party cookies must be enabled on your browser. It is possible to allow third party cookies from certain websites and still block all others. Instructions to do this for the Chrome browser are listed below. Other browsers will be similar, consult your browser documentation for details.

    • On your computer, open your web broswer
    • At the top right, click MORE then SETTINGS
    • If you have BLOCK THIRD PARTY COOKIES enabled, scroll down to the section SEE ALL COOKIES AND SITE DATA
    • Add the following sites: and

    For any technical issues or course concerns regarding EC-001, EC-016 or any course taken in Canvas, please contact:

    If the troubleshooting tips above are unsuccessful or other questions arise, please reach out to: 

  • “How do I move forward in a course?"

    STEP 1) Confirm that the LC is displaying your name when you click the ‘Account’ button at the top right-hand corner of your screen. Use the log in credentials you created for to save your progress and course history. 

    STEP 2) Every course in the LC requires you to click a blue button of each new page to save progress.

  • “I can’t find the course/my certificate I had started last time?”

    STEP 1) Find the Account button at the top of the LC page.

    STEP 2) Click the ‘My Activity’ tab.

    STEP 3) Then ‘Courses’ below it.

    STEP 4) Check your blue progress bar to the left of all current courses you have started. A successfully completed course will be saved and registered with a fully green bar shown next to it. 

    STEP 5) Check the ‘Certificates’ tab for any certificates of 100% completed courses taken on the LC. Courses taken in Canva may not show up.

  • "What does an ARRL membership let me learn in the LC?"

    See what else you can discover in the LC! Members have full access to our entire LC catalog of courses and resources included in their annual membership. Log in and come explore some of these popular topics below:


    • General Amateur Radio License Course
    • Extra Amateur Radio License Course
    • Understanding Basic Antennas by: Galen Rosenberg, KD5FJJ 
    • Repeater Basics by Hayden Honeywood VK7HH
    • Getting Started with Parks on the Air (POTA) by: Mike Dahlhofer, K8MRD 
    • Digital Multimeters: Selection and Use by Steve McGrane KM9G
    • Grounding and Bonding 2nd Edition 
    • Understanding Basic Electronics: Components
    • Getting Started with Summits on the Air (SOTA) by: Adam Kimmerly K6ARK
    • Public Service and Emergency Communications Management for Radio Amateurs (EC-016)**

    ... and so much more!


    **For any technical issues or course concerns regarding EC-001 or EC-016 or courses taken in Canvas, please contact:

  • "Can I use the LC if I am not an ARRL member?"

    Use the same ARRL log in credentials made for our website. We grant non-members limited access to the following resources: 


    • Technician Amateur Radio License Course 
    • Intro to Emergency Communications (EC-001)** 
    • A library of created and collected lesson plans and curriculum ideas for teachers 


    Learn about all membership benefits here! Join today!

    **For any technical issues or course concerns regarding EC-001 or EC-016 or courses taken in Canvas, please contact:


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