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ARRL HF and VHF Award Manager Appointment Guidelines

The ARRL appoints local award managers as a convenience to League members applying for Worked All States (WAS) and VHF-UHF Century Club (VUCC) awards and endorsements. HF Award Managers may check applications for Worked All States, 5-Band Worked All States, and WAS endorsements. VHF Award Managers may check applications and endorsements for VUCC. An individual may hold both HF and VHF Award Manager appointments. 

ARRL Special Service Clubs may nominate HF and VHF Award Managers. In addition, ARRL Affiliated Clubs specializing in VHF/UHF/microwave activity may nominate VHF Award Managers. Appointments are made and terminated by the ARRL Field Services and Radiosport Department.

Award Managers are encouraged to offer their services to hamfests, conventions, and other ham radio public events. 

HF and VHF Award Manage Responsibilities:

  1. Must maintain ARRL membership.
  2. Must check all applications carefully, objectively, promptly, and in accordance with current award rules.
  3. Will provide up-to-date telephone numbers and e-mail addresses to the Field Services and Radiosport Program. Must permit their mailing addresses and telephone numbers to be published in the ARRL's media, including the League Web site. Listings are required so that applicants can easily contact their awards manager for an appointment.
  4. Will inform the Field Services and Radiosport Program promptly if they no longer wish to serve.

The Field Services and Radiosport Programs

  1. Appoints Award Managers and may terminate their appointments when it is in the best interests of the League and the League's awards program to do so.
  2. Will provide up-to-date information and instructions on award rules and fees and about procedures for handling applications.
  3. Will confer with Award Managers about any errors or problems found in the applications they have checked.

Upon adoption of these guidelines, existing HF and VHF Award Managers who are not members of the ARRL will be notified by the Field Services and Radiosport Department that they have 45 days in which to join the ARRL. Award Managers who do not join the League during this time period will be dropped from the roster.

DXCC Card Checkers

ARRL DXCC Card Checker Nomination and Eligibility Rules 


DXCC Card Checker Nominations: 

(a) DXCC Card Checkers must be ARRL members who have a DXCC award endorsed for at least 150 entities;

(b) To become a DXCC Card Checker an applicant must be nominated by:

i) ARRL Section Manager, or;
ii) ARRL affiliated DX Club (A DX club is an ARRL affiliated club with at least 25 members who are DXCC members and which has, as its primary interest, DX. If there are any questions regarding the validity of a DX club, the issue shall be determined by the Division Director where the DX club is located.) A person does not have to be a member of the DX club to be nominated;

(c) Must be personally known to the DX club or Section Manager nominating them;

(d) DXCC Card Checkers are appointed by the Field Services and Radiosport Manager, nominations should be sent to the DXCC Branch Manager;

(e) DXCC Card Checker appointments must be renewed every 2 years and renewal is determined by performance as determined by the DXCC Desk.

Each Section is allowed to nominate only one Card Checker. If that checker resigns the Section Manager may nominate a replacement. If a Section Manager is replaced at a future date, and the Section nomination has already been filled, the new Section Manager may not submit a nomination.

Each Affiliated DX Club may nominate only one Card Checker. If that checker resigns the club may nominate a replacement.

Additional information: 

  • Must be willing to serve at reasonable times and places including, at least, one ARRL convention per year;
  • Must have e-mail and internet capability and maintain their current status with the DXCC Desk;
  • Must notify the DXCC Desk of any changes in their personal address and telephone information;
  • Must submit DXCC applications, themselves, to DXCC within 2 work days after completion;
  • ARRL will not honor claims for cards handled by DXCC Card Checkers;
  • The applicant is responsible for ALL fees and postage. DXCC does not provide reimbursement for out of pocket expenses incurred by Card Checkers;
  • DXCC Card Checkers receive a package of training and reference material to assist them;
  • Card Checkers receive one copy of The ARRL DXCC List. Update information will be made available to them by e-mail. This is the only copy Card Checkers will receive;
  • The DXCC Desk will notify Card Checkers of any problems that occur, after processing, that need attention;
  • DXCC Card Checker appointments must be renewed every 2 years and renewal is determined by performance as determined by the DXCC Desk.

This, and other necessary information to assist Card Checkers, will be sent upon appointment.

VUCC Awards Managers Nomination Instructions

These appointments are made to individuals affiliated with ARRL Special Service Clubs (SSCs). Each SSC may appoint one VHF awards manager, who will be responsible for checking cards and certifying VUCC awards applications. 

In order to become a VHF awards manager, an officer of your local SSC must send a letter to: ARRL Awards Desk, 225 Main St., Newington, CT 06111, or an e-mail to, with the following information: The appointee's name and call sign, address, home and/or work telephone number, and e-mail address, if available. Once we receive this, we will send the new appointee the necessary instruction forms and materials.

Note: For information on how your club can become an SSC, please contact


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